BioPharmaceutical Testing

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What is Biopharmaceutical Testing?

Biopharmaceuticals are the point in which biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing meet. Bio-pharma is the application of living organisms to prevent, relieve, or treat disease. This industry enhances the world of medicine and saves the lives of thousands of people each day. Biopharmaceuticals are laboratory-created medicines that are structurally identical to compounds that are already found in nature.    

The main difference between biopharmaceuticals and pharmaceuticals are the methods by which the drugs are produced. In biopharmaceuticals, scientists isolate biologics, from living sources such as humans, animals, plants, fungi, or microbes. Generally, bio-pharma companies make drugs from biologic compounds, known as biologics, including sugars, proteins, nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, or complex combinations of these components. Pharmaceuticals are often manufactured through a series of chemical synthesis processes.

Biopharmaceutical Testing with ChRi

ChRi offers testing services to support the biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry. We utilize professional services to assist clients to advance their early-stage drug products through the development process. By working with ChRi,  we will work to mitigate the risks associated with selecting and testing parental drug packaging. The wealth of knowledge at ChRi provides proven laboratory testing methods to help biopharmaceutical companies get their new drug products to market without undue delay.   

Our general areas of expertise include:

  • Method Development
  • Method Validation
  • Method Transfer
  • Stability Testing
  • Raw Material Testing
  • Analytical Biologic Services
  • Bulk Lot Release Testing
  • Final Product Release Testing
  • Immunoassays

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