Advancing Nutrition Technologies

Inspiring Better Health


One of the keys to living a healthy lifestyle is proper nutrition. Nutrition research allows for prevention and treatment of the underlying causes of many diseases around the world. ChRi Labs is dedicated to help companies on their journey through this vital path of better health. We conduct analytical testing on  nutraceuticals analytical development packages, nutritional indicators, including food additives such as functional food ingredients. We also provide research for Prescription Prenatal Multivitamins, Raw Material Stability Studies, Label Claim Confirmation, Product Development Support, Fit-for-Purpose ELISAs, etc. Your samples are tested in a GxP laboratory utilizing verified or validated test methods.  

  • Nutraceutical Testing
    • Prescription Multivitamin (Liquid Gel Capsules, Tablets)
    • Product Release and Stability Studies
    • Nutritional Research Support
    • Vitamin Testing (Gummies, Tablets)
  • Functional Food Ingredients
    • Beta Glucan Raw Material Testing (Disperable and Soluble Wellmune)
    • Beta Glucan Fortified Foods, Probiotics, and Vitamins
    • Beta Glucan Fortified Dairy Products
    • Beta Glucan Fortified Beverages
  • Ethanol and Alcoholic Beverages
    • Alcoholic Beverages, Beer, and Spirits Testing
    • Ethanol QC Testing
    • USP Ethanol Impurities by GC
    • Analysis of Fusel Alcohols