Clinical Trial Support

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Partner with a company that will help you kick off your early-stage clinical trials. Working closely with our clients, we function as an extension of their clinical team. By bringing the best minds and processes together, we bridge the gap from drug development to commercialization.

Reference Lab Testing

Our Reference Lab testing capabilities allow us to develop and perform custom assays. We provide a diverse range of assays ranging from routine to highly complex and esoteric testing.  We can accommodate any size study using in-house validated or verified FDA approved test methods. 

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Our understanding of the importance of your samples sheds confidence that we will provide accurate and reliable results. ChRi has also developed a more efficient process to conduct studies under stringent timelines. Partner with a company that can genuinely be flexible on your journey of product development.

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Vast Experience & Expertise

Our CLIA registered clinical laboratory allows us to provide the optimal blend of clinical testing and high-throughput related central lab services. Some services include:

  • Hematology and Coagulation Studies, including body fluid analysis
  • General Blood Chemistry Analysis including Hepatic, Renal, Lipid, Metabolic Functions
  • Urinalysis with Microscopic Evaluation
  • Immunology, Serology, and Reproductive Tests
  • Urine Drug Screening and Confirmation Testing
  • Infectious Diseases Testing 
  • Medication Monitoring

Bioanalytical, Immunoassays and Biomarker Testing

At ChRi Labs, our Immunoassay and Biomarker test capabilities interface between the Bioanalytical and the Central Labs services. We have extensive experience in developing and validating innovative immunoassays, fit-for-purpose biomarker assays, ELISA and ligand-binding techniques for Pharmacokinetic (PK) studies. These services include:

  • ELISA Solutions
  • Assay Development and Validation
  • Contract Assay Services
  • Metabolic Disease Research
  • Diabetes Research (Insulin, GLP, PYY, Glucose, Leptin, etc)
  • Interleukin Analyses
  • Endocrinology
  • Infectious Diseases Assay Development, Validation, and Testing
  • Protein Purification

Our Certifications

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